350W Titan Halo Infrared Mirror

350W Titan Halo Infrared Mirror

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Our 350W Titan Halo Infrared Mirror uses the latest technology in glass, our toughened two-way glass mirror gives a high output of heating rather than trapping behind conventional mirrors coatings

Part No:                IH35-MBL
Size:                     600*700*22mm
Type:                    Tempered Mirror Two Way Glass
                             Warm White Halo Back Light
Weight:                 7.5Kilo‘s
Packing:               Single Printed Box
Specifications:      6mm toughend two way Mirror Glass 
                             with aluminium back.with polished 
                             edge and 5mm radius corners.
Color:                   White

The Yandiya Titan Mirror Range offers stylish mirrors, using the latest in innovation and technology being used in the glass industry, encompassing the breakthrough two-way glass mirror, has allowed us to maximize the heat output whilst maintaining a anti mist mirror, whereas traditional heated mirror trap 60% of the heat behind the coating allowing the mirror to mist under damp conditions in a bathroom. Making our mirror the most efficient on the market, which are also ideal space saving InfraRed room heaters, perfect for bathrooms, halls and bedrooms.


A choice of these three sizes of Titan mirror heaters using 6mm flat polished glass, give a true reflection with no distortion and its flat lines and polished edge make it a unique feature in any situation, whist giving off the power of Infrared heating using our technology of nanotech infrared heating.


The introduction of the Halo two-way infrared heater has complimented our product range, using our own technology and experience in LED, we use the best HongLi Led Chips, giving the mirror a warm white halo glow,


With enhances the modern design makes for the Infrared Mirror to be situated in any room in the home, adding to the décor as well as being beneficial in the heating of any room.

 All Yandiya panel must be used in conjunction with a thermostat control system, Halo mirror come with two cable connection to make the lighting controllable via a light switch if used in a bathroom a waterproof wall mounted switch must be used for the halo lighting, whist the heater cable must be connected to a fuse spur or such like approved bathroom fitting. The Infrared heated Mirror cannot be used as standalone heating panels, all panels supplied come with a certified A+ energy rating certificate.


When calculating the number of watts required for a property: this is determined by how old the property is, if the property has adequate insulation and if the windows and doors are single or double glazed.

The average for a well-insulated modern property with double glazing is 25wm3. This is the length of the room multiplied by the width, multiplied by the height of the room: [L x W x H]. This figure is then this figure s multiplied by 25 watts which will give you the wattage required for the room.