600W White Glass Infrared Panel
600W White Glass Infrared Panel
600W White Glass Infrared Panel
600W White Glass Infrared Panel

600W White Glass Infrared Panel

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This 600W White Infrared Glass Heater is designed to have pure white glass Infrared panels with clean lines and allows the heaters to be fitted into narrow spaces where room space is at a premium this glass infrared panel can be installed vertical or horizontal, and is made from toughened tempered glass with enamel coating

Part No:                IH60-G
Size:                     300*1800*22mm
Type:                    Tempered Glass
Weight:                 13.6Kilo‘s
Packing:               Single Printed Box
Specifications:     6mm toughend Glass with aluminium 
                             back.with polished edge and 5mm 
                             radius corners.
Color:                   White

The Yandiya Designer Glass InfraRed Range are stylish and elegant, offering a heat output unsurpassed by any other infrared supplier. Using the latest technology for manufacturing of glass, and finishing of every panel with a polished edge, our frameless Infrared Glass panels give a stylish heating system, that comes with a ErP Certified certificate of A+.


The frameless glass panels are available in three wattages and three sizes, matching any need required ensuring that the sizes and output will be more than suitable, as well as giving a new talking point to your heating, match the current design and décor.


Each panel comes in either Piano Black or Satin White, with a high gloss look, and smooth edges.   Glass being an excellent medium for InfraRed heater to operate at a fraction of the energy need from traditional heating and being A+ energy efficiency rated you can be sure that the costs are reduced too. Giving us the market leader when it comes to supplying to government bodies and social housing. Where the panel comes into its own for easy maintenance for cleaning.


Our glass panels must be used in conjunction with thermostats controls, and cannot be used as free standing heaters.


When calculating the number of watts required for a property: this is determined by how old the property is, if the property has adequate insulation and if the windows and doors are single or double glazed.

The average for a well-insulated modern property with double glazing is 25wm3. This is the length of the room multiplied by the width, multiplied by the height of the room: [L x W x H]. This figure is then this figure s multiplied by 25 watts which will give you the wattage required for the room.